Franklin White Biography


1892 Born March 26th at Fulham near Adelaide in South Australia.

1913 Came to England at the age of 21 on a two year holiday tour arriving on the S.S. Mongolia. Broke away from the guided tour and set off on his own to paint, inspired by a visit to the National Gallery.

1913 Visited Scotland where he made many oil sketches. Also visited St Ives, Studland, Sheer in Surrey and Burnham Beeches. Returned to London to join Heatherleys for further study.

1914 From Heatherleys he went to Paris where he studied for a short while.

1914 Returned to St Ives and Burnham Beeches for more painting.

1915 Accepted as a student at the Slade School of Fine Art University College London.

1916 Left the Slade for war work in the Aircraft Department of the Admiralty where he was employed drawing parts of bombed enemy planes. He said later that it was at the Admiralty that he really learned to draw. In the same year he married Olga Hart – a student at the Royal College of Music.

1918 First daughter , Olga born. Lived at Eastcote near Ruislip.

1919 When the war was over he returned to The Slade to continue his studies. After two more terms he was invited by Professor Tonks to join the teaching staff.

1919 Moved to Shoreham in Kent where he made his home with his wife and first child in an old timberframed building where he remained to the end of his life.

1920 Second daughter, Audrey, born in April.

1923 First son, Peter, born in February.

1920′s-1930′s Exhibited in various mixed exhibitions including the Redfern and Agnews Galleries and at the New English Art Club.

1933 Second son, Edmund, born in May.

1957 Retired from the Slade School.

1958 His wife, Olga, died. Founded the Samuel Palmer School of Art where amateur painters could come to express themselves. He was ably assisted by his son Edmund for the next five years.

1962 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother purchased a small oil painting ‘Regina’ from the exhibition at the Maidstone Museum. Another purchase was made by Noel Coward.

1964 Remarried to a former Slade student Gertrude Granger. Continued to teach and encourge students until just two weeks before his death.

1975 Died on November 2nd aged 83 years.

Franklin White was a teacher at the Slade School of Art
Works by Franklin White are in the possession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
His work has appeared in the private collections of Noel Coward, The Marchioness of Dufferin and Alva, and the Rt Hon Sir Alexander Cadogan.