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Franklin White came to this country from Australia in 1913 and two years later entered the Slade School as a student. He worked at the Admiralty making drawings in the Airship department during the First World War until 1919 when he re-entered the Slade and was shortly invited by Professor Tonks to join the teaching staff where he remained until he retired in 1957.On his retirement he turned his full attention to the Samuel Palmer School of Art, which had been operating at his home in Shoreham since 1924 when he first held summer classes in landscape painting for his Slade students. In the fifties the school expanded to take residential students, and even though ill-health caused him to restrict his activities in later years, many local part-time students were helped to achieve a better standard of painting and drawing through the classes held in the studio.

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Franklin White was a teacher at the Slade School of Art
Works by Franklin White are in the possession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
His work has appeared in the private collections of Noel Coward, The Marchioness of Dufferin and Alva, and the Rt Hon Sir Alexander Cadogan.